Benefits of Citizenship

The most important benefit of citizenship is the right to vote in elections. New citizens can now elect officials whose political ideas they share.  If they are unhappy with an elected official, they can vote for someone else in the next election.  Citizens can also run for political office themselves.

Citizens can file a petition to legally bring their spouse, parents, unmarried children who are minors to the United States. These people will get their permanent resident (legal) status quickly.  Citizens can also bring their adult children or siblings to the u.S. but it will take longer for them to obtain permanent residence.

Citizens with a U.S. passport will have the freedom to travel for long periods of time and live outside the United States, if they wish to.  While living abroad, citizens will receive protection and assistance from the U.S. government.

New U.S. citizens are protected from deportation.  They will never be forefully sent back to their native country.

If a person becomes a U.S. citizen within 7 years of when he or she began receiving SSI (Supplemental Security Income) benefits, they will continue to receive those benefits after theit citizenship.  If they do not become a citizen within 7 years of receiving SSI benefits, they will lose those benefits.  If that happens, they can reapply after obtaining citizenship.