Gun Owners Rights Upheld in Cincinnati

Press Release provided by Eric B Hershberger on July 25, 2018

As reported by several news outlets, our firm (Haynes Kessler Myers and Postalakis) was part of a team of lawyers addressing efforts by firearms rights groups to thwart enforcement of municipal ordinances in Columbus and Cincinnati seeking to criminalize bump-stock ownership. The firm has, so far, prevailied in both cases. Judge Cain of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas issued a permanent injunction against the City regarding its so-called "bump-stock ordinance," finding that the enactment infringed on the Ohio legislature's exclusive right to create uniform firearms laws. Yesterday, after hearing, Judge Robert Ruehlman of the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas similarly halted Cincinnati from enforcing its legislation.
Eric B Hershberger

Eric B Hershberger

Blaugrund, Herbert & Martin, Incorporated

Attorney Eric Hershberger is an Associate of Blaugrund, Herbert & Martin, Incorporated, a law firm in Worthington, Ohio. As a lawyer in Worthington, OH, attorney Hershberger serves Franklin County, as well as clients throughout Ohio.
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