To know about dower act

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kevin520 12-20-2016 @ 12:53 AM                          
Joined: Dec 2016
I would like to know about Dower act. I read some details about this from here What happens if a person sells his property without the consent of his spouse. Will this affect the person who bought this property? I need to know about the legal complications in such a case. Can somebody give more clarification about this? Thank you.

schreyerfaq101 05-07-2017 @ 7:39 AM                          
Joined: Mar 2017
The person on title is always allowed to sell the property. But if the spouse is not on title (because he or she moved in later), he or she must give written consent to sell the property. This goes with an affidavit, in front of a lawyer. So ‘technically’, the husband or wife not on title can stop a home from being sold.

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