Is there anything else that I can do?

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Whishis 05-12-2017 @ 1:13 AM                          
Joined: May 2017
My husband and I are not in good terms. He is having a relationship with his colleague and I’ve caught him red handed. We have two kids ( aged 1 and 3) and I’m currently unemployed. We totally depend on him and I struggle hard to make both ends meet. Yesterday, I totally lost my temper. I yelled at him and used abusive languages. He recorded it on his phone. I snatched that phone and threw it on his face. That hit on his eyes and he’s injured badly. He is gonna file a case against me. I am planning to seek help from a domestic assault lawyer in Toronto ( ) today. Hope that helps. I am startled and I have not recovered from that shock. Is there anything else that I can do?

joecamp 10-10-2017 @ 5:53 AM                          
Joined: Oct 2017
My heart is torn from the read story, unfortunately, I'm not a lawyer, I'm also looking for help here. I am writing you to just support in a difficult moment, say that you are need to be strong for the sake of the children. I found topic with similar situation, ?click here to take a look at it, it may help.

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