Unstable obsessed ex

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Loganlingo 12-05-2016 @ 3:37 AM                          
Joined: Dec 2016
My wifes ex is stalking us and is obsessed with my wife.  They have been divorced 15 years, and were only married one year.   We have been married 10 years.  There is a custody battle and my wife has always had full custody due to her exs drug use and jail time.
He is claiming they are having an affair. She most definitely isn't. We would like to file a suit, but don't know what to file. Id rather not say where I live because he does avidly search us on the net. We just want to know our options. It's causing much distress. He is telling their children during visits that my wife and he will be getting back together. I know for many reasons beyond a doubt that she would never cheat and absolutely never with him. But it still causes me distress. Severely debilitating stress where I am just so over ridden with anxiety and fear of her that I am physically ill most of the time. Please help tell me where to get started.

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sammmungo@ 09-04-2017 @ 8:53 AM                          

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That is all scary actually. That person can be a maniac who once can come and kill the wife This is the first case I have came across when after one year of marriage man is obsessed with woman for 10 years.

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