potential harassment?

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cobalt360 01-26-2012 @ 6:37 AM                          
Joined: Jan 2012
I met a woman in 2009, at which time we had two mutual friends. After
several months, she "friended" over a dozen of my friends on Facebook;
some of which I do business with.
We dated from 10/11 to 12/11 and she displayed a propensity for
violence when intoxicated. On one occasion, she assaulted her mother
and a police officer. When I approached the subject, she got upset.
On 1/3/12 she blocked me on Facebook and asked me not to contact
her. I did not contact her, nor did I ask anyone to contact her on my
On 1/22/12, she asked one of my friends to tell me not to contact her
friends and that she was accusing me of stalking.
I am now concerned about my property and my ability to conduct
business. Does she have a legal basis for asking my friend to tell me
who not to contact? Do I have a legal basis to file a petition to protect
me from harassment?

JayChong 11-12-2012 @ 10:14 PM                          
Joined: Aug 2012
Since you did not contact her after she asked you not to, she would have no proof of stalking. As to the concern about speaking with "her" friends, there is no problem as long you are communicating with those friends because they are your friends. In other words, as long as your not using the friends to contact her, than she has no legal basis to stand on. If she does try to bring a claim forward, you can counter that you pose no credible threat to her.

I don't have all the facts, so you should contact a criminal defense attorney for legal advice. Best of luck.


jamessusan104 04-08-2017 @ 2:53 AM                          
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