Harassment from ex-desperate for advice

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hank1791 03-29-2011 @ 3:34 PM                          
Joined: Mar 2011
I left my ex over a year ago, but he has been sending me emails
that range from suicidal, to the mention of firearms, to
demanding money from me for things I am in no way obligated
to pay to him.  I have kept the emails and desperately want to
know if I have any legal grounds here to file something that will
make him stop.  He has a severe drinking problem, and I have
been witness to at least one incident of very violent behavior in
the past (not towards me, but to our neighbor), which are the
reasons I left.  Although he is in Colorado and I now reside in
New York, the mention of guns makes me incredibly upset,
nervous and scared.  What rights do I have here???

marciduncan 10-11-2017 @ 5:11 AM                          
Joined: Oct 2017
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