legal rights to information

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mmaarry29 10-07-2008 @ 6:53 PM                          
Joined: Oct 2008
My husband and hs third party friend have set up email accounts in which business is conducted regarding a home based business that he and I have managed since we started it 15 years ago.  They are now blocking me from gaining access to this account even thought it has my name on it also.  They are also trying to keep me from knowing what is going on with it.  When I try to ask for information about items they just tell me to ask the other one.  Can they legally do this and what recourse do I have to prevent this


KansasGirl 10-08-2008 @ 6:40 AM                          
Joined: Apr 2007
Sounds to me more like a family issue than a legal one, at least at this point. I would really try more to work it out with him, rather than getting an attorney involved at this point. What do you think that they are doing? It does seem fishy, obviously. Are they trying to drive you out of the business (and ruin your marriage in the process)? The main reason that I think you should wait for getting a lawyer involved is that, while the lawyer might be able to get you access to the stuff, that would probably be a serious blow to your business and personal relationships... Just my thoughts.

gloriastagg 09-13-2017 @ 8:55 AM                          
Joined: Sep 2017
The primary reason that figures you should sit tight to get a legal counselor included is that, while the legal advisor may have the capacity to get you access to the stuff, that would most likely be a genuine hit to your business and individual connections.

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