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mistersnickers 09-13-2017 @ 9:04 PM                          
Joined: Sep 2017
I was ordered 300 threw the courts which sent me to this agency to complete. Im disabled and cant do physical labor. They sent me to goodwill which i got 70 hrs. done and then told they cznt accommodate me for my disability. Then this agency sent me to this food pantry which i was there from dec 2016 to may 2017 .the person incharge of my hrs. Who me and this agency communicated with sent me a text that i completed my hrs and would be taking paper work to this agency. This pantry stop operating to in may as well. When i went to thank the owner and told her the girl was sending my paper work in she told me that she doesnt work there anymore she cant do that .she then calls this agency and they refused the paperwork when this girl went there. We asked for this pantry to send in my hours and they havent did it.  June and july i had physcal theropy and aug this pantry ask for me to volunteer at this event which i did on my own cause i thought i was done with hours. Still waiting to paper work in sept they said i only have 92 hours now. That is not enough to show the court by oct 5 th i completed. Now what do i do .this pantry shut down in may causr they did not have certifucate to operate. Which this agency sent me to. I dont understand how this can happen

Hope to get a reply, vicki

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