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Welkwo 12-22-2016 @ 11:49 PM                          
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Below are the details of the incident, this whole thing was lead by our county sheriff as he was the one calling names. I'd like to know how would this be classified and how should I move forward with getting something done about this? Is there a way to report this or a form to fill out? We live in Richton Mississippi where this took place.

It all started with the police officer barging in "We have a problem." with a receipt in his hand, already showing a quite grizzly attitude towards my sister in a attacking manner. Immediately he says "You had no business returning any of those toys, do you realize how much of a low life that makes you?"

This police department is excellent except for one thing, the town offered a program called "Shop with a cop" which is an excellent program run by light hearted officers, except these same officers recently barged into our home today throwing up a receipt for recently returned goods throwing to accusations of my sister returning the goods and getting goods for adults.. Throwing phrases like "Low life" and "heartless" around..

That was extremely offensive, the "shop with a cop" program is meant to get the kids (two chosen, however, the two have a 10 year old sister which they decided to split their gift card with. .) not only things they want, but also things they need, the sheriff of Richton/Perry county did not properly address this after both I (their Uncle.) and their mother both said "the kids need body washes and bathroom essentials." and so the entire shop ended without them getting all which was needed.. Shortly after this shop was ended, the kids reviewed over their toys and decided they weren't satisfied with the items they bought.

We extended them the choice to pick which items they were not interested in keeping and let them return the items, the kids picked the items which they didn't want to keep and so we returned the items to our local Fred's Super Dollar and allowed the kids to pick what they'd like in place of these items, the kids mentioned they needed more shampoo and conditioner so we headed that way.

In addition to this, we also had picked up three tablets for the kids during the shop to find later that one of the three was a phone and not a tablet, it was carried with us to exchange it for another tablet. In the case of my 5 year old nephew, one of his toys had to be put back due to the choking hazard it presented (we've had him stick things in his mouth before..), however, he was extended the same opportunity to pick out what he wanted as the rest was and so he did.

For three law officers (Richton Sheriff included.) to march into our house and call my sister a "Low Life" (quoted: do you realize how much of a low life that makes you look like? How do you think the public will view this?) and heartless is just uncalled for, we will be moving out of this town as soon as we're financially sound enough to do so. We appreciate the generous offer extended by the "shop with a cop" program and we understand where they were coming from, however, the situation could've been approached in a less attacking manner and the cops could've listened more instead of bursting in and standing there bashing at my sister as she is bawling and crying trying to explain that the items obtained in place of those the kids choose to return was ONLY for the kids picked specifically BY the kids.

If we could afford it, we would gladly return the Fred's gift card to the Richton/Perry county sheriffs office. This type of treatment was uncalled for and highly offensive, especially considering their persistence on us buying things for the "grown ups" (As he pointed to the bag of Shampoos/Body washes and Conditioners to kids previously decided to purchase in place of their toys they did not want.).. We will be moving back to Georgia as soon as possible, we came here expecting small town hospitality (Hence, "the hospitality state.") yet we're greeted with this type of treatment without doing anything wrong..  we appreciated the opportunity extended to the children, they were so happy because this is one of the biggest Christmas's they've ever got .. However, the treatment of us and having the officer decimate us by saying "We learned a valuable lesson, from now on we will not give a receipt." and yelling at my sister while she is crying her eyes out trying to explain and interrupting her every breath without even allowing her to get a full sentence out.. This was brutal harassment, not the orderly duty of a caring police officer with the words "Public" blurted out every other sentence like some publicity stunt.

Thanks but no thanks, hopefully our position in the situation can be understood.  How do we explain to them why the officer had their mother crying or why they officers were yelling at her? They do not understand and how do we explain without showing them that police officers aren't the bad guys?

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