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John148 01-21-2016 @ 5:47 PM                          
Joined: Jan 2016
I'm selling a property. The property was part of the ajoining farm sold to a previous owner back in the 30s. In the deed it says, "Together with the agreement by the former Grantor's in deed, for themselves, their heirs and assigns, with grantees, their heirs and assigns, that they, the Grantor's, will not construct or allow to be constructed, any building on the surrounding lands then owned by the Grantor's within 800 feet of the boundary lines of the parcel thereby conveyed, without the written consent of the grantees, their heirs and assigns". The farmer has started to build a barn about 300 feet from the property line. Is what's in my deed still viable even though it was put in the deed so long ago?

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