Help with first time buying house:

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kvalentino 04-30-2013 @ 10:50 AM                          
Joined: Apr 2013
Good morning lawyers,

My friend just "bought" a house. I think she got scammed: heres why:
- all she has is a notarized, by a bank, bill of sale, that says she is the owner
- no title or deed, but a promise that the deed will be mailed to her, and the title will be transferred once she pays off the lien on it
            - the title should have a lien put on it by the owner, because the owner is financing my friend

Would she be the owner with a title in her name with a lien on it, without a deed? Also, do all the documents have to be registered with the local clerk?

Any help would be appreciated especially things to watch out for, as I do not trust the sellers.

JeffreyW 01-30-2015 @ 2:26 AM                          
Joined: Jan 2015
It does seem like your friend may have been scammed. There are so many loose ends with the deal and the fact and above all that that there is no deed or title. I think your friend should meet a real estate litigation lawyer ( ) as soon as possible and explain the situation before moving ahead with this deal. They will be the ones to expert advice on how to take the next step. All the best to you and your friend.

emilymillercs 08-07-2017 @ 3:31 AM                          
Joined: Aug 2017
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