Am I in the wrong here?

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nctenant123 05-23-2017 @ 12:47 PM                          
Joined: May 2017
I'm going to try to keep this brief, even tho the issue is kinda complicated. Basically, my landlord was the custodian of an estate that included 2 houses, and I rented one of them for 6 years. My wife and I were often late or would fall behind on the rent, but we always caught ourselves back up. As a result of that, though, my landlord refused to renew our yearly lease and had us go month to month.

Two years ago, I discovered a significant black mold issue over the entire bathroom ceiling, closets, and the other side of the same wall in my bedroom. After 2 years of asking for the issue to be resolved, I had the chance to leave and I took it. One week out of that house and my whole family is breathing better.

So move-out day came, and my landlord wanted to come by and see the place. I advised there was a number of things I was unable to take to the curb for disposal. He looked around, and I showed him where black mold had crept into the rugs, the windowsill of my daughter's room, etc. He asked me to clear out the floors of the house entirely, and that he'd call me the next day once he'd looked at it.

I called him 2 days later, asked if he'd seen it and he said he had. I asked about the security deposit, to which he told me I was not getting it back, he would keep it for the unpaid rent (the month we left). I asked him about the interest that accrued over the 6 years we lived there, he said it 'amounted to about 2 dollars'. He said he'd check and get back to me in a week. 2 weeks later, he tells me by email I owe him $650 for unpaid rent, like our phone call never happened. I reminded him, at which point I got a reply back that due to nicotine staining the walls, and the cost of disposing of the trash with a rented dumpster, he would keep the entirety of the security.

Now, to be clear, I have no problem taking a hit for the dumpster costs. But I left because the house was unlivable and my and my family's health was declining due to repairs i repeatedly requested that were never done. Additionally, in 6 years, the house was never repainted, carpets were never replaced, and my lease was 4 lines long, never once mentioning a ban on smoking (which he also knew at the time of our move-in).

I feel like he's trying to get me to cover his every expense to make that house rentable again, and shouldering none of the responsibility. He's shown me no proof of accrued interest and no breakdown of the expenses that involved keeping my deposit. I have photos of the condition I left the place in. (stains aside, we swept, cleaned, and vacuumed that house on the way out - it sparkled.)

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