Can I get out of a lease if landlord hasn't signed

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JamesBond 11-16-2016 @ 11:27 PM                          
Joined: Nov 2016
in WA State.

About two weeks ago, I signed a lease for an office space at another location than the current one. It's been two weeks but the landlord still has not signed. However, the landlord's contractor already started working on the space for improvement a day or two after I signed. I had asked for an estimate for the improvement after signing the lease but still have not received one. On the lease it states the landlord will cover the improvement cost to a certain amount, let's say "x" and the rest will be covered by the tenant. During my initial meeting with the landlord's broker when I toured the space, the broker stated that the landlord will be willing to do a significant improvement. Today, the broker's office notified me that the landlord has already approved TWICE the "x" amount. I am very irate as it means I will be left with a huge tab. Is it possible to cancel the lease now especially since the landlord has not signed?

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