FUJI Elevator strops should always be used

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Sophiaswhite 10-31-2016 @ 10:19 PM                          
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Safe working fujihd.net Passenger Elevator load
Length of the sling in meters
Required safety factor (This is usually 7:1)
Eye position

The safe working load of can be between one tonne and one hundred tonnes and lengths can be as long as required.

Round Slings - endless round strops are fibre lifting slings that feautre no end, ideal for choking loads and for lifting more delicate loads that require softer lifting gear to ensure the finish of the product is not sacrificed. Again, optional wear sleeve can be added to reduce wear and tear of the slings. When ordering round strops your lifting equipment supplier will require the following:

Safe working load
Circumference in meters
Safety factor (This is usually 7:1)

FUJI Elevator strops should always be used as described and never abused as this can be a danger.

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