Spinal cord injury in accident.

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sjoney112 07-25-2017 @ 6:55 AM                          
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My younger brother loves bikes and riding. He bought his dream bike last year despite our disagreement on spending money on something that expensive.
During one of his weekly bike trip with a close friend, he met with an accident and got seriously injured. The accident was caused by a drunk driver got into the wrong side of the road. His spinal cord was seriously damaged. He’s paralyzed on right side of his body. His friend passed away in that accident.
With his body being paralyzed and losing his friend, he has gone into depression. He is not able to go for his work and his girlfriend left him. Our family is yet to accept this completely.
Our friends have asked us to hire a spinal cord injury lawyer, https://www.campisilaw.ca/practice-areas/spinal-cord-injury/ to help us in seeking compensation.
Is it the right way to do? Is it worth to go forward with this legal procedure?

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