Difference Between Personal Injury&Tort of Battey

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Hello Everyone,

Legal terms can be complicated to the layman. For example, almost everyone uses the terms assault and battery interchangeably, even though they are separate torts with dissimilar elements and injuries. When individuals talk about personal injury and tortious acts, it is easy to use terms that not everyone understands.

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases deal with harm caused to a person, rather than property. Personal injury lawyers help people recover judgments for physical and possibly psychological injuries. The actual cause of the injury can result from various sources, be it an accident or an intentional act.

In essence, personal injury is an umbrella term that encompasses many torts.


The battery is a specific tort. Battery occurs when the person acts aiming to cause a harmful or offensive contact, and a harmful or offensive contact results. There are defenses to a battery, such as self-defense and defense of others. The defense of mistake is not a defense to an intentional tort.

The battery is an intentional tort. This means that the person must have acted with the intention to cause that harmful or offensive contact. If the contact was completely accidental, the actor did not act intentionally and thus will not be liable for battery. You can know more about Los Angeles battery lawyer if you are involved in an assault and battery case.

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Some descriptions of battery simply require the actor to act with the knowledge that the contact is substantially certain to occur.

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Great stuff,This is really useful info you have shared in this post.Thanks

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