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dwihouston 09-30-2017 @ 7:31 AM                          
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If you are caught by the legal enforcement authorities while driving in an intoxicated situation in Texas you might be in great danger. You might think that everything is over for you. But it is actually not so, as there are professionally trained experts who are capable enough to handle such complicated situations tactfully.

What is the law?
Different States have different rules when it comes to driving. Knowing the law is crucial to driving the streets of Texas which imposes strict penal provisions for violating their rules, whether you are in an intoxicated State or not. Some of the basic facts incorporated in their law include:
• Driving in an intoxicated manner in Texas is classified as a misdemeanor and the charges levelled against the convict depend upon the intensity of the offense.
• Generally, the Blood Alcohol Content or BAC limit is considered for determining the intensity of the violation committed by the convict.
•  A BAC limit of up to 0.15 percent is allowed to be present in the blood of the driver to render him/her free from any violation.
•  For a person below the age of 21 years, any amount of alcohol content in their system will be considered as intoxicated.
•  For commercial drivers, the allowable BAC content is 0.04 percent.

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