Any advice about immigration lawyer

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BradCo 06-27-2017 @ 10:47 AM                          
Joined: May 2017
Hello there! I submitted the I-129F form for my fiancée (she is from Bulgaria) to come to the United States. Due to some delays, I don't believe the visa will be approved in time. However, I have already booked the wedding venue, photographer, etc.

I've spent pretty much money on this stuff. I know that the earlier I cancel it, the more money I'd be able to get back, but I’d still be losing over 30 grand. I wonder if there is some way around to get my girlfriend here earlier, and US immigration law is so freakishly complicated I’m afraid I’m gonna end up committing a crime. And with all the news about phony immigrant lawyers I just can’t see which attorney is trustworthy. This immigration fraud lawyer seems like a good one: . Is there a way I can tell whether he can help without getting charged for a consultation first? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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robert7 10-17-2017 @ 3:37 AM                          
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Im so sorry that I cant help you in this situation.

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