Moving to Canada with old DUI record possible?

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nath001 03-13-2017 @ 12:22 AM                          
Joined: Mar 2017
Hey guys! I am from NJ in United States. I have a 12 year old DUI conviction in my records, something that shouldn't have happened. Fortunately, I don’t have any other records. I completed my rehabilitation years back and have even stopped drinking. I am an engineer at a reputed company here in NJ. I got an opportunity to work in an even bigger company in Toronto, Canada.  
I am thinking about taking it, but there is problem. I know Canada is a beautiful country, but have restrictions for people with DUI charges entering it. I think my DUI charges are 12 years old, but may still affect my chances to enter the country and taking this job. I looked on the Internet and found in this article: Can You Get Into Canada With A DUI: that I still have a chance by getting a temporary resident permit. This gave me a hope. But how good are my chances? What advice can you give me to improve my chances of entering Canada?

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