Separation Agreement

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alexjohn 03-13-2012 @ 2:49 AM                          
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Hello friends,

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EmilyKonicek 11-26-2015 @ 6:42 AM                          
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The Separation Agreement is usually submitted to the court to be part of the divorce. A Separation Agreement can also be used if a married couple would like to live separate and apart permanently, but maintain their legal relationship status of being married.

Generally, a separation agreement is the result of much discussion and negotiation surrounding divisions of assets and liabilities and any support, maintenance, custody or visitation issues.

If you are going through a divorce or separation, the sample separation agreement will help you to start thinking about and preparing for discussions and negotiations. Your attorney may choose to use the sample agreement as a resource, but will want to draft an agreement specifically tailored to your situation.

hope this little information will help you...:)                            


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alexisfffg 05-03-2017 @ 2:40 AM                          
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Many thanks, EmilyKonicek

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