I want to get custody of my twin sisters (6)

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sydneywood 09-23-2017 @ 8:53 PM                          
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My twin sisters were born when I was 12 years old and I have raised them their whole lives. My mom finally lost custody of all of my siblings about 2 years ago, because I was taking care of all of them, not her (there's 8 of us). When I decided to get DCF's involved I figured they would put each of us in safe homes but instead my twin sisters were sent to live with their abusive dad. I know he is abusive, not only because I have countless pictures of bruises along with stories about their abuse, but that is the exact reason my mom left him years ago. To be more specific, he choked my younger brother when was 6 or 7 and pushed my mom to the ground when she was pregnant with the twins. I have no doubt in my mind that he is abusive.

My mom fully lost all parental rights to the twin when she didn't show up to the court date in July of this year. My whole family was devastated and we are only allowed to see them once every month or less. My mom is currently working to get the twins back BUT she has no lawyer, is still careless when it comes to parenting, and still abuses pills. The twins dad currently lives an hour away in an unknown location and has about 5 warrants for his arrest. He doesn't have a drivers licenses and he was recently fired from his job where he stole $1000+ worth of tools. He is looking to 5-10 years in jail once he is caught but no one knows of his whereabouts. The only time we know exactly where he is when we see the twins once a month.

Now, when my siblings were put into foster care I was not old enough to take any of them. I am 19 now, about to be 20. My girlfriend and I are currently in the middle of a lawsuit (completely unrelated) that we will be rewarded a minimum of 20k. We plan to put a down payment on a house and getting a lawyer to fight for custody of the twins. We both have stable jobs, with plenty of extra money to support the two. DCFS is aware that I was the one that was taking care of them and any of my family will say the same. Do I have any chance of gaining custody of them?

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