child support modification, risking decisionmaking

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bluedaffodils 01-10-2016 @ 4:07 PM                          
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Colorado -Adams County

Parties negotiated a settlement: Mother was allowed to relocate overseas with the kids. Father would be incurring overseas travel costs, which would offset the child support, therefor court allowed deviation from Worksheet A.

Mother did not leave the USA, and continues to reside here with the 3 kids. Mother has been solely responsible for ALL child related costs, including uninsured health costs such as ER and hospital bills, meds, uniforms, activities, etc.
Father sees kids sporadically, not following any set schedule.

Mother has filed for modification of child support, almost a year after original decree. Motion based on the fact that there is no grounds for a deviation, as Father does not have to incur international travel costs to see kids. Mother has also requested modified support order to be made retroactive.

1. If Father asked for joint decision-making now, would court grant this? He has not been part of any decision making, and does not participate in any school related activities etc.
2. What are the chances court will grant motion to modify, and the request for retro?

RobertSmith 05-11-2017 @ 6:11 AM                          
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