what to look for in a lawyer child custody

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kathykath01 02-04-2013 @ 11:07 PM                          
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i am in the process of getting a lawyer for custody  of my 3 kids, i have talked to a couple lawyers but i get the impression all they want is my money, what kind of questions should i ask and what should i look for to help determine if these lawyers are lazy or not? just a short description of what my situation is, my kids father has a serious drug addiction problem since dhs has been involved since july he has only passed 1 UA that i am aware of he still has to have supervised visitations. and also i would like to know what the judge looks for in the parents in making their decision? please help me thanks

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Jem9974 02-05-2013 @ 4:01 PM                          
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yes, they want the money!!!!!!  But that has nothing to do with how well they will represent you.  I'd say what's important is the types of questions they ask.  Are they listening to your story, or are they delving deeper into it?  Also, are they meeting with you, or taking calls, signing papers, and allowing interruptions during your important time?  I've found that busy lawyers tend to rush through their points in courts too, missing really important points in court...

jamesvigil 04-18-2017 @ 9:21 AM                          
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You have to check following points before hiring a lawyer for child custody.

1. Personality and style of a lawyer
2. Experience of lawyer in child custody
3. Fee structure of a lawyer
4. Is a lawyer providing a free consultation or not?
5. If a single parent cannot afford a paid attorney, he or she may qualify for a court-appointed attorney. The county family court will maintain a network of pro bono attorneys to assist with child custody cases.
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