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deans0430 11-19-2012 @ 8:10 AM                          
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In August 20112011 while working in a warehouse a 60 pound club chair fell from a rack on my head. I notified safety manager and filled out an accident report. I had test done for concussion (negative). But there was a minor neck injury i did not lose any time from work. The safety manager refused to give me and my doctor the insurance information to file a comp claim. Instead they had doctor bill them for visit and tests. This past friday i was lowering a crate of furniture from a 3 foot platform and felt a twinge in my neck and my arm went numb. I had an MRI and am waiting for results. What is my recourse can i still report last years injury to ny compensation board. I apreciate any advice.
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NYCconstruction 04-12-2013 @ 4:43 PM                          
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First, I should tell you that I'm not an attorney. Since every state has a statute of limitations for how long an injured worker has to report an injury and file a comp claim, the first thing you should do is speak to a workers' compensation attorney near you. A lawyer will be able to inform you if you can still file a claim for your older injury.

Pertaining to your older injury, I believe it's illegal for an employer to withhold information from an employee to prevent them from filing a comp claim. As it says in the following link, employers must provide employees with a workers' comp form within 24 hours of an accident taking place:  

Again, for your most recent injury, it's advisable to meet with a lawyer near before filing a claim for workers' compensation.

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klandrylawyer 09-30-2013 @ 3:28 AM                          
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I think you need to hire a professional lawyer. This will really help you to solve your case.

peterwayne 12-20-2013 @ 8:03 AM                          
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Firstly your incident come under the work compensation law if you could hired expert lawyer in that field then he can help you the most from it because your time period also exceed more then 1 year so please consult to lawyer.

carithomas5141 01-22-2014 @ 5:27 AM                          
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I think you should check your situation with an work place injury lawyer and he will be able to suggest you the options you had right now. But as far as i can see you can ask for compensation because the problem you are facing is due the old injury.

thesextonlawfirm2@ 06-15-2016 @ 3:02 AM                          

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You are a victim of personal injury and you may be permitted to financial compensation under the law. And you should contact a professional lawyer for to solve your case.

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kennethKGidley 09-11-2017 @ 6:18 AM                          
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Right off the bat your occurrence go under the work remuneration law on the off chance that you could procured master legal advisor in that field then he can help you the most from it in light of the fact that your day and age likewise surpass all the more then 1 year so please counsel to legal counselor.
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Jonathan87 11-14-2017 @ 3:09 AM                          
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Since each state has a statute of impediments for to what extent a harmed specialist needs to report damage and document a comp guarantee, the primary thing you ought to do is address a laborers' pay lawyer close you. A legal advisor will have the capacity to illuminate you in the event that you can in any case record a case for your more seasoned damage.Online Essay Help UK

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