ADA and Discrimination

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hawksgirl329 02-10-2017 @ 12:15 PM                          
Joined: Feb 2017
I am looking for some advice.  I currently live in Virginia and work for a government entity.  I am currently undergoing fertility treatments due to infertility.  I have an upcoming appointment and procedure and our HR and my manager are denying my time off for this appointment and procedure.  I have been told in person and in writing that they are not required to give me the time off to attend medical appointments.  I have clarified with HR to make sure they understand that its not just any appointment but they are fertility treatment appointments and I was told to make them on my days off.  My schedule is fluid and rotates so I never know what my days off will be and because most treatment is based on my body and what my body decides to do I cant make appointments more than 14 days out and that are required to be on certain days.  I have done a little research into the ADA and I believe I should be covered for reasonable accommodations under the ADA.  My HR also wants in writing from my doctor the information stating that I have to have appointments on certain days and times etc.  I was informed by them that this is also violating HIPPA and Privacy Act.  I am only an intermittent employee and I am guaranteed 0-24 hours per week.  I get no leave or paid time off.  Thanks!

paul092 10-11-2017 @ 3:39 PM                          
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