DUI after taking Ativan and then drinking

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integrity27 08-09-2017 @ 11:04 AM                          
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Hi all,

I would appreciate any advice on this. In May, I took an Ativan in the morning.  I don't remember anything after that. I blacked out after taking it. My doctor prescribed it to me for anxiety and panic attacks. I had taken it several times before and it just calmed me down. For some reason, I had an odd reaction on this day. I drove around. I got the oil in my car changed, went to some spa, and unfortunately, I went to a liquor store and bought mini bottles. Mixing Ativan and alcohol is bad. I passed out and hit the median. The police found me in the car. There were open mini bottles on the passenger seat I believe. They tried to do a field test on me and I failed pretty easily. I couldn't stand. I then blew a .27 on a breathalyzer.  The police took me to the hospital because I told them I took the Ativan. I only remember waking up in the hospital. Everything I know here is from what I was told, the report and seeing the video from the accident.  I would have never drunk and drove like that if I was conscious. I have no idea how I can prove that I was blacked out from the Ativan first or if that even matters legally. Any advice would be appreciated.

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