do i need insurance

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elj2283 12-12-2010 @ 5:32 PM                          
Joined: Dec 2010
in maine do I need insurance on a temporary registration. I was under the impersion that the temp registration was issued to allow you time to obtain insurance and register the vehicle. I thought that liability was assumed by the dealer during this time period

GoSox 12-13-2010 @ 9:49 AM                          
Joined: Apr 2007
I'm a Mainer myself.  Formerly, anyway.

This car dealership handbook from the Maine DMV says
that they are supposed to require that you have
insurance for your car before they give you the
temporary plates.  They could be in a lot of hot water
if the state found out that they let you take that car
off the lot.

Page 85:

Hope that helps

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