didn't see the paint

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beatlesfan1 12-03-2010 @ 5:00 PM                          
Joined: Apr 2007
I could not see the paint on this handicapped space.  now
i have a ticket.  Can i fight it?

lizlemon 12-06-2010 @ 12:26 PM                          
Joined: Apr 2007
Did you take pictures?  This would really help,
provided you can show what the spot looked like at the
time of your ticket.

Was there a prominently displayed sign up or no?  Those
are required, and may be enough to disqualify your
ticket.  The paint may be a requirement in your state,
it may not.  You could look up what your state
specifically requires.

You can write a letter to the court (politely)
outlining the reasons you think the ticket is unfair.  
You may get it dropped or reduced if you make a good
case without coming off poorly.

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