$ 2700 in citations from '00, 02, 06, 07 and 08

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darkangel 03-27-2009 @ 9:44 PM                          
Joined: Mar 2009
3 says ago i received a mail from the  county's clerck's  office warning me that i have to pay $ 315 in past parking citations until the 31st or else. I went to the Parking divison in downtwn Miami and i inquired why do i have to pay the 7 claimed tickets , when i only recall one in the past year.

They said that ACTUALLY.. the amount DUE was $2700 not 315. i couldnt believe it! they said that tickets froim my old cars registered on my name have been transfered to my curent tag. I requested a court hearing, but now i am waiting for th impoundment notice.. as it is no way i can avoid that ( i dont have 2700 to post bond)

My Question is  What should i say in court? what are my options?
PS: i looked over the copies of the tickets and yes they are mine from old cars..but most are very old, from 2000 even! I never knew i still owed them money, because every year before renewing my registration i paid my tickets to the peny.

Thank you in advance

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