USPS Refused to give Receipt

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kchap1964 01-15-2009 @ 9:33 AM                          
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Here's the deal: I printed a shipping label via Paypal, That label has the name, address, “delivery confirmation” etc on it. In ordered to be covered by paypal you have to print your labels via Paypal. It has the information on on that one address label. So...

I PAID FOR USPS SHIPPING and printed my labels, took them to the Post Office Clerk and a man named Robert said that I could NOT take these packages to the clerk and have the delivery confirmation scanned in because I paid via paypal and was not entitled to a paper receipt/acceptance of delivery to the post office. That I had to take them to a different area of the building and someone there would take care of them...However, I would NOT receive a Receipt!

About a month or so ago, I took a few packages to the post office clerk, somehow the correct zip & state was entered in but the RECEIPT showed a different confirmation number for that package.. Thus... that package NEVER showed up as being scanned in - I would have been held responsible for the amount of that package had the buyer complained... my point is that MISTAKES can & do happen and that was even when I was ALLOWED to go to the Counter and watch them scan in my package and get that RECEIPT in my hands!

So, If we are NOT ALLOWED/Can be REFUSED that receipt of acceptance delivery to the post office clerk… Then we are NOT covered by Paypal because there is NO PROOF/RECEIPT to Prove that we did indeed take those packages to the Post Office. That Receipt will show the Zip, State and the confirmation number that was printed via paypal for that buyer – Only Human error can goof it up!

If the clerk that takes the packages makes a mistake and there is no record/receipt then how can we prove that we did delivery the packages to the Post Office? It should not matter How we Pay for the shipping, We DID Pay for it and should be allowed to REQUEST a Receipt / Walk our packages to the counter and watch them scan the packages in and have that receipt handed to us.

When you pay for shipping online/via paypal all that shows is that I paid for shipping, printed out the label… It does not show that I took the item to the Post Office and physically handed the package to the clerk. I should be entitled to a Receipt …. There is no computer sitting there for us to double check and make sure that ALL packages where CORRECTLY Entered… So, Once we get home and check to make sure and find that there has been a mistake made then how the heck are we going to be able to PROVE without that RECEIPT that we did delivery it to the Post Office… I just don’t see how the USPS and REFUSE us a RECEIPT if we RTEQUEST it… Who cares how the shipping was paid for – The fact is it was PAID for and in ordered to be covered by Paypal the label has to be printed via paypal shipping… There should be NO Catch 22’s going on when it comes to the United States Postal Service!

So, Is this Legal for the USPS to Refuse Me a Receipt of Acceptance Delivery I Request it?

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