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formula_343 10-28-2015 @ 3:33 PM                          
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Greetings! I am preparing for trial soon (pro se, petitioner). I am here posting because I am a father seeking insight on how my presentation is presented to the  jury. It will be done using a projector in the courtroom. You will see examples below. In particular, I am posting some screen captures of my presentation of how I have things laid out. There will be links to unlisted YouTube videos where you can see this.

There's alot to say, but I refuse to fall into the deathtrap of writing 12 pages to explain it. To give a very quick idea on the background of this case without writing a book:

I am a father with temporary orders to see my child who will be three soon. I am the petitioner. In this case, I wish to be named Sole Managing Conservator of my child. I seek final orders via a jury trial against the mother, the respondent. (This is very rare but allowed in Texas). During trial, As a background to my case I will allege she has three children with three fathers - and keeps the children away from their fathers by falsely claiming abuse. None of the fathers have physical custody. I have visits with him in her home twice a week as we are weirdly on an infant visiting schedule still. But, this works for now. I am keeping it this way until trial.

There are several issues I will show to the jury, backed up with documentation you will see shortly:

1. She has done everything in her power to block me from the child, as well as the fathers before me to their children.

2. She has allowed multiple partners/people around our child in an  unhealhy way. (Confusing him on who daddy is, etc).

3. Large amount of alcohol use in home at once for a "single mother" - (Tequilla, Hypnotiq, wine, rum, gin, 2 gallons of sangria, etc)

4. Condition of home is unreasonable - weeds 6ft high leading to fleas in home - inside of home is not suitable.

5. She owns a daycare which has had child abuse and multiple felony  arrests - I compare the conditions of the center to her home. This is a long story which I will not get into.


The links below will bring you to video captures in my presentation, and my questions listed with them. There is audio on one of them, and they are not the greatest quality because of the capture software. Frame capture rate is low and information has been redacted for privacy. (Note on recordings : All images, records, recordings follow the rule of optional completeness,  entire recordings are always available for the jury to hear if requested.) Each page you will see in the video may or may not have small icons at the bottom of the page, which open text messages, recordings, other data. Most are not shown here.

Buildup of case (no sound)
Description            Images of my son and I from day one, records  of parenting classes I took.


Question              Images of my son and I are laid out with a few  on the screen at once. Parenting class certificates also shown. Are  there any issues with this? (Physical copies will be taken to the courtroom as well.)

Recordings, Timelines (Sound sample at :33 seconds)
Description          Phone/Voice recordings captured of respondent  - timeline of events showing 3 fathers, 3 children, and others she  brings around children.


Question          Each quote on the screen is something she has  said, and can open to play the recording in the exact moment she said  it- with no delay. Is this ever done in court this way? What are your  thoughts on this? Any issues? Also, are there any issues with the  timeline that could cause me trouble? (assuming I have documentation  to show she has has these people around.)

Documentation of Home
Description           Images of inside/outside of home. Images of wine bottle corks in home and in child's mouth; child poking stick at cat vomit; interactive           click-within-click (ex: clicking on sink opens the sink image); Text Messages shown.

Link         :

Question     :         Any issues with bringing up images in the manner? Is the text message format acceptable? (Phone will be in court with physical data.)

Presentation of Data related to Daycare
Description          Highlighted text shown/Bar graph comparison/Compliance Data Presented


Question          Only slide with lots of text on screen - too much? Suggestions? Is the bar graph acceptable? Is the daycare's bar being red going to be an issue? I wanted to highlight it red to show  how it compares to other daycares in area. State daycare compliance  history was saved and put into a popup window which can be viewed by scrolling.

Every slide has an identifier at the bottom left. (Example: 13A) Feel  free to leave feedback with a specific page number. All feedback or questions answered is appreciated.

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