Modification Beneficial - Voluntary Poverishment

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hms1030 04-29-2015 @ 3:27 PM                          
Joined: Apr 2015
The father of my son and I came to a settlement agreement for parenting our now 6 month son.  I raised him for 4 months alone.  I tried to do what was right and think giving him 50% of the time would be beneficial for child and was told courts favor it anyways.  I hoped if he was given time he would be a father and use it.  I've since had our son most of the time during his custodial time.  he also gives him to his mother over me (which upsets me as well with all the new transitions anyways).  Again, I understand I agreed to all of this but was trying to be the mother than didn't look bad to my child later.  Anyways, he also was "nice enough" to write off ME paying HIM child support.  He quit his 6 figure job to do MLM.  He has the ability to make 10,000 plus bonuses a month.  He also overrides his ex wifes position that has the ability to make the same.  He gets free bills due to this company, drives a jaguar xkr ($900/mo car), I know his rent amount, has Gucci shoes, joe rodeo diamond encrusted watches, his ex just paid off his credit cards and I've paid over $600 in medical for my son.  He refuses to pay me per the agreement for the medical directly as Ive put off rent money due to his word (silly for listening I know).  All of these bills are in collections and killing my credit so I cant even get a credit card to pay off remainder of lawyer fees to continue with this so it may be on my own.  Has anyone filed modification based on voluntary poverishment? Isnt the fact that he lied about his income fraud and possible jail time too? TIA!

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