Son assaults father, mother seeks child support

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needhelp2014 12-29-2014 @ 5:14 PM                          
Joined: Dec 2014
My husband was assaulted by his 16 year old son.  His ex has undermined his parenting since they split - 14 years ago.  Children disrespect their dad and refuse to follow his rules and mothers urging.  Son was bailed out of jail by mother and she now has custody.  My husband had custody of his kids 90% of the time from age 5 until recently with no help from ex.  She is asking for child support.  He is choosing not to see kids as he cannot parent them and each visit results in kids telling ex everything dad does and her verbally abusing him and myself via phone.  Can she get child support after she hasn't supported her kids most of their lives and son assaulted father?

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