child support confusion

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Monday 10-07-2014 @ 9:52 PM                          
Joined: Oct 2014
I'm divorced , done went through all the mess. At first I had to pay 563$ a month in child support. My company went under new management, lost my job , found a minimum wage job for the time being. Was in and out of court a few times. Child support was lowered to 210$ a month. I didn't know til csi got in touch with me. I'm making my payments and I get another letter stating I need to get into with my case worker. Come to find out the judge put in a order to change the child support back to 563$ a month without even a court hearing. How can the judge change the child support without notifying me or seeing if I even made enough to cover it? I even asked mu case worker doesn't that seem weird to you? She said yes but nothing they can do about it....
By the way I have moved from that state ,can I change the child support case to my state? I do believe something isn't right here. I pay my child support and out of no where they jack it up. Thanks for all advice.

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