Child custody/neglect

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ammiller25 07-09-2014 @ 6:27 PM                          
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Hello, I have a question.  My husband and his ex wife currently have shared custody of their almost 4 year old daughter.  When the parenting plan and divorce was completed, both were serving in the US Army and at the same duty station.  Overseas duty stations were not factored into the parenting plan and my husband and I are currently stationed in Germany.  Due to how expensive flights back and forth to the US are, they came to an agreement that would allow my husband to have her during the summer months, May through sometime in August- which was much more than the original "separate duty station" agreement in the parenting plan of 2 weeks out of the summer, as well as holidays, birthdays, spring break, etc.  my husband flew to pick her up and arrived back in Germany with her on May 1st.  Since then, she has only Skyped with her a total of two times.  The first was on Mother's Day, which my husband had to initiate by asking her on that day if she wanted to Skype since it was Mother's Day.  The second time wasn't until June 15th.  On June 19th, she contacted my husband and requested to Skype with her that following Sunday at the same time they Skyped before- my husband obviously said of course.  She never called, not did she attempt to contact him and let him know that she couldn't for whatever reason.  It is now July 9th and she has yet to contact us.  On June 29th, she changed her facebook profile picture and in one of the comments she made to a friend stated that she didn't have to work again until Thursday, which was the 3rd of July.  She changed her profile picture again on July 8th.  As trivial as mentioning facebook changes may sound, our concern is the fact that for three to four days, she was off work- so that wasn't the reason she didn't talk between the 29th of June and the 3rd of July.  In the picture of the second profile change, someone else is taking the picture, and she has a big smile on her face.  All the while, her little girl gets up in the morning and tells me that she misses her and never ever ever gets to talk to her.  We have not made an effort to contact her because the parenting plan states that email, phone, Skype, etc must be available to her, but it doesn't state that we must initiate or give an invite to see her.  When she was gone from October 2013 to June 30th, my husband  regularly Skyped on Tuesdays and Thursdays and often requested another day here and there because he (we) misses her, she never had to contact us to Skype or speak with her.  I apologize for the long preface to my question, but I felt it was important that the entire situation was known so that an informed answer could be given.  My question is,  is there anything custody related that we can do about this.  There are many things I could tell you that would describe what kind of mother she is, but that would take forever.  It is July 9th, we not only haven't spoke to her since June 19th, but the daughter is supposed to go back to her in August and we have no idea when.  She's supposed to start preschool, but we don't know if she will even make it there in time for registration.  There are just so many red flags popping up and we are unsure of what to do.  Please, any advice would be deeply appreciated!

chrisjuaen 12-18-2015 @ 6:28 AM                          
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