Oregon Parenting time mod - Stepmom responsibility

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NKABA 02-12-2014 @ 4:53 PM                          
Joined: Feb 2014
Oregon - Can a judge change a father's parenting time, based completely on the stepmom's (his wife's) schedule? What responsibility does the stepmom have? What can a judge order in regards to the stepmom.

Mom is requesting a parenting time modification of 2 hours. She is responsible for picking the child up from our home 30 miles away at 8:00 on Wednesday morning and getting her to school because school does not start until 9:00. She wants to change the parenting time to 10:00 am because she feels she should not have to make the drive because the stepmom works in the town and she feels she should have to do it, no matter what the convenience is.

Mother created this issue for herself, by recently moving 20 additional miles from us, making it a total of 30 miles between our homes. I already drive my child that 30 miles back and forth to school and activies 4-9 times a week and the mother can't do it once?

Can a judge order the changed based on the fact that the stepmom works in the town, but drives near the school at 7:30, not at 9:00 when school starts

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