Mother in need of legal advice.. What should I do?

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WorriedMom 08-07-2013 @ 10:35 PM                          
Joined: Aug 2013
I live in Hawaii and for some reason the judge here gave my son's dad joint legal custody even though he has an abusive past toward me in front of his child and was proven guilty for watching porn and masturbating in front of his child when he was 2 years old, not only once but twice. The reason the judge decided upon this was because I am on disability for mental trauma after my dad killed my best friend, thus they deemed me mentally unstable. Once he received the joint custody he only picked him up according to the order for 3 months, after which he came and got him whenever he pleased (which was like twice a month for 3 to 5 hours) and when he brought my son home my son would start acting up horribly and I would even receive phone calls from the school in which they complained about strange behaviors and he would literately poop his pants for a few days after each time. His dad became homeless and picked him up according to this schedule for the last year now. Finally I had enough of dealing with his neglectful behavior as a co-parent and told him if he did not get a house and provide proper care for my son, take him on his days and use proper discipline, I did not want him picking him up anymore. So his father go's and gets a room with no bathroom, only an outhouse with no running water and a twin size cot and wants me to let him take him on his court ordered days and have my son share his bed during that time frame. I refused to allow it! Now he is threatening me with the police. I am wondering if on his days if he brought the cops if he would legally be allowed to take him? I am currently filing for a custody change but in the meantime, I have been trying to refuse him visits. I am actually quite afraid for my child seeing as how the court system here is pro-father and they seem to try there hardest to find a loop hole and allow the father to see their child no matter what I say. I feel powerless and helpless but am wondering if until I go to court if this is going to look bad upon me?  

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