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morfiction 05-12-2013 @ 11:11 PM                          
Joined: Apr 2013
Hello. For over 15 years there was a non profit organization in Morrisville, PA called The Reach Out Foundation. Two years ago they vacated the old location because they could no longer afford the rent there. My sister was interested at some point in buying me a house and I looked at several locations but they were all "fixer uppers".

I am unemployed and have some skill in computers and was thinking if I could convince her to purchase for me this location it would make a great office to work out of. I saw it is being advertised for $75K but the location was inactive from normal search measures.

One thing I asked the realtor about is if it might be considered a "residential" as well as "commercial" location so I could set up my own sleeping quarters in the back office area. There's a nice kitchen as well as two bathrooms. She said she'll get back to me on that one. How much does it cost to start a non profit?

I was thinking of using the location to teach people skills that might be useful for gaining employment. Several guys I know are into car repair. I know one woman who fancies herself an "activities director" and I'm sure there's all kinds of skills that my friends can teach each other should they be given an arena to teach in.

I may be jumping the gun here. But what are the zoning laws of Morrisville, PA and how does one find those out?

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