Using brand names on website

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cprb 06-30-2011 @ 4:30 PM                          
Joined: Jun 2011
I am creating a social networking type website. I'm wondering if I will run into any legal issues if I were to supply users with pre-populated lists of name brand items? For example, let's say the user owns a 2009 Ford Mustang. In their profile there would exist a pre-populated list of cars where they could select "Ford Mustang" and add it to their profile. And if they were to upload a photo of their car, they could tag it with the "Ford Mustang" from the pre-populated list.

I have read that it is OK to discuss and use brand names within blogs, titles, and even URLs. What I intend is a little different though as I am supplying a list of a variety of name brands and it will be used in profiles and tagging photos.

I have been looking all over the internet but have not been able to find a complete answer to my concerns. Any help is much appreciated.


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