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BusGuy 06-06-2011 @ 11:29 AM                          
Joined: Jun 2011
Recently I have made a deal with a licensed poker network someplace outside of the united states.  I currently am waiting for the software to be released. The software they are releasing for my site is only a skin or branded table which connects players who come through my site to their network.  I receive a % of all profits that come to my site and register and play in my room.  My site and all of the servers that host the poker room are also outside of the United States.

On top of the poker room  I'm also looking to organise a community and promote my site at legal casinos and card rooms throughout various locations by hosting tournaments and small tours.

I am however inside of the United States.  I have yet to invest any money into this ( except domain names ) and have not signed any contracts. I am looking to setup an EIN so that I can pay taxes on income earned to the US government so that they will stay off my back.  What type of business would I apply for?  Does anyone have any advice or recommendations?  Input on legalities?

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