Need Info on Starting a Non-Profit

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djtech2k 06-19-2010 @ 11:11 PM                          
Joined: Jun 2010
I am really in need of some help.  I am trying to find out exactly what is needed up front and annually to start a non-profit.

Specifically this non-profit is for a kids baseball team.  

I need to find out a way to get it started as quickly and cheaply as possible since all the funding is coming from coaches at this point.

So I need some guidance...

What are the costs to get a NP tax status?

How long does it take?

Where can I go to get it done/processed?

Are there any annual fees or anything that needs paid annually, or is it only one-time fees up front?

What kind of documentation, tax returns, etc have to be done every year?

I know this is a lot, but I really want to help this baseball team to be able to take donations so they can play tournaments and things.

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