Can I say I'm offering prodct from the samedistbtr

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mat420 06-08-2009 @ 9:52 PM                          
Joined: Jun 2009
Advertising question I think?

I live in NJ but I plan to sell arcade cranes all
through the U.S. once things start going good.  My
question was in relation to a local major crane
distributor.  My friend works for them and I'm buying
cranes from the same exact company as them. I was
wondering if I could get away with saying that I'm
selling the same product because I am getting it from
the same distributor as them.  I didn't want to run
into any legal issues, especially if I decided to ever
put it in writing anywhere.  I also run a small
computer repair business.  Apparently I feel the need
to sell at cheaper than my competitors to get their
business.  In this case I definitely feel as if I do
though because some of these people have probably been
buying off of my competitor for many years.  They also
have a very good reputation so if theyre happy with
their service I don't see them switching to me unless
I'm offering cheaper prices.  If no one can help me
maybe you know of a better spot to post this?  This
spot seemed to be best on this forum.  Thanks a lot.

mat420 06-09-2009 @ 8:58 PM                          
Joined: Jun 2009
I'm not sure that answers my question.  I probably
worded it badly.  The company I want to compete with
buys the cranes from the same exact place I'm going to.
I'm not sure they really have a manufactured name
though (just different model names I think), and if
they do, I'm not sure my potential customers would
really be familiar with it (I think they;d really just
be familiar with the different sizes).  It's not like
its like a Nike brand new where I could just say "Nike
shoes for sale," it's a crane that really, I don't see
much advertised for them when they're for sale other
than the size.  This leads me to believe my customers
really couldn't put two and two together to realize I'm
selling the same exact product as the other company
who, in my opinion, is overcharging.

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