FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Local attorney, Lisa Pezzano Mickey, Offers Practical advice for injured workers in "Employee's Guide to NJ Workers' Compensation Law"

Press Release provided by Lisa Pezzano Mickey on March 26, 2018

“Knowledge is power,” explains Ms. Mickey. “If you are injured at work, you must arm yourself with the information you need to avoid being taken advantage of by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.”   The book opens with an overview of the workers’ compensation system in New Jersey. Additional chapters provide further detail on topics such as the micromanagement of medical treatment by insurance carriers, as well as the relationship between unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation.  Throughout the book, Ms. Mickey carefully lays out actionable steps people can take, along with the reasoning behind those steps. “As someone who grew up in a blue-collar family,” adds Ms. Mickey, “I have immense respect for the workers whose sacrifices helped to make this country successful. That’s why I am committed to helping workers earn their rightful compensation after a workplace injury.” While a book is not a substitute for legal representation, Ms. Mickey believes that understanding the law can result in greater clarity and less stress for injured workers. “Employee’s Guide to New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law” is published by Speakeasy Publications and is available on Amazon, or by contacting Pezzano, Mickey & Bornstein. 
Lisa Pezzano Mickey

Lisa Pezzano Mickey

Pezzano Mickey & Bornstein

Attorney Lisa Pezzano Mickey is Member of Pezzano Mickey & Bornstein, a law firm in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. As a lawyer in Phillipsburg, NJ, attorney Pezzano Mickey serves Warren County, as well as clients throughout New Jersey.
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