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Press Release provided by Richard Hackerman on July 12, 2017, July 12, 2017 — MARYLAND — Baltimore, Maryland – Chances are, you have never filed for bankruptcy before. What this means is that you don’t have a Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer lined up just in case you need one. Do you need one? If your bills and debt payments take up a huge chunk of your income per month, and that what is left is almost not enough for you to live by, then the answer is most probably yes. But what if you don’t feel that way but have still amassed a debt that at times seem insurmountable to you? It would still be best to get professional advice.

Now you might be thinking that filing for bankruptcy or even considering it will shame you. That could very well be true. But another truth is that you are currently near the end of the line financially. Forget about all the assets you used to have which are now wistful memories. Forget about all those decisions that seemed so right at the time but turned out to be so wrong. Forget about all that money that you may have spent frivolously. Now is the time of reckoning. Face it with courage. Face it with optimism. Face it with Richard Hackerman.

Richard Hackerman is as experienced as they come with thousands of satisfied clients that he has represented for over 30 years! He will hear you out and figure out what would be the best course of action for you. You might say you’re not sure if you should file for bankruptcy… the best way to find out is to ask Richard Hackerman.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone with the same amount of expertise as Richard Hackerman when it comes to debt settlement. Richard Hackerman, your foremost Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer, can lead you to figure out the most advantageous debt settlement strategy to get you free from, well, debt.

He has the ability to provide you with the financial freedom you desire. Now, when someone has that knowledge and has that skill, there shouldn’t any hesitations on your part. Find out how he can help you exactly. He knows the financial laws in effect in Maryland, including debt collection. His services include:

Consolidation of debts – This is a debt refinancing that entails taking out one loan to pay off many others. This can be very beneficial if you can get a lower interest rate on the new loan. Debt Settlement – This is basically a debt reduction where the debtor and you agree on a reduced balance that will be regarded as payment in full. Bankruptcy – This may be the most drastic as we previously touched on, but it may also have the biggest impact on your direct future. This can wipe out majority of your existing debts should they qualify.

What Richard Hackerman does is sit down with you, review your financial records and help you decide which of the previously mentioned solutions would be best for your particular situation.

Another thing to consider would be taxes. Whether you like it or not, taxes come into play in these kinds of situations. Guess who can help you with that? Richard Hackerman. He has a Master’s Degree in Taxation to go along with his Law degree. He is among the elite of the tax attorneys in Baltimore! He does the following services:

Bankruptcy Tax Relief Installment Agreements – IRS permits you to pay delinquent tax liabilities over time Garnishments and Levies Offers in Compromise – agreement between the government and you that settles a tax liability for a lesser payment

He also represents people when it comes to personal injuries. He represents victims of:

Wrongful Death Personal Injury – injury to the body or mind and emotion due to negligence Medical Malpractice – professional negligence by a health care provider in which harm, injury or even death is the result of substandard treatment rendered.

The best thing about it is, you only pay if he recovers money for you! Now if that’s not someone you’d trust, you would probably not trust anyone.

Bottom line is, Richard Hackerman is your best bet at getting your life back on track financially. He is one of the most experienced Baltimore bankruptcy lawyers around. He can check all other conditions that may apply to you and help you out. You can find him at 3635 Old Court Road #208. It would probably be best though to call him first at (410) 243-8800. Don’t put your future finances at risk. Get it set in the right direction by contacting Richard Hackerman, your trusted Baltimore bankruptcy attorney. Visit for more details.

Richard Hackerman

Richard Hackerman

Richard Hackerman

Attorney Richard Hackerman is Member of Richard Hackerman, a law firm in Baltimore, Maryland. As a lawyer in Baltimore, MD, attorney Hackerman serves Baltimore County, as well as clients throughout Maryland.
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