Grounds for Divorce in Vermont:

1. For adultery in either party

2. When either party is sentenced to confinement at hard labor in the state prison in this state for life, or for 3 years or more, and is actually confined at the time of the bringing of the libel; or when either party being without the state, receives a sentence for an equally long term of imprisonment by a competent court having jurisdiction as the result of a trial in any one of the other states of the United States, or in a federal court, or in any one of the territories, possessions or other courts subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, or in a foreign country granting a trial by jury, and is actually confined at the time of the bringing of the libel.

3. For intolerable severity in either party.

4. For wilful desertion or when either party has been absent for seven years and not heard of during that time

5. On complaint of either party when one spouse has sufficient pecuniary or physical ability to provide suitable maintenance for the other and, without cause, persistently refuses or neglects so to do

6. Incurable insanity of either party

7. When a married person has lived apart from his or her spouse for 6 consecutive months and the court finds that the resumption of marital relations is not reasonably probable

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