Pros of Open and Closed Adoption


- Open adoption provides the birth parents with peace of mind that their child will be going to loving, nurturing parents.

- Open adoption allows the adoptive parents to ask the birth parents questions concerning the child. Some common questions that the adoptive parents commonly ask the birth parents is the child’s health history and the family history.

- Open adoption takes away a lot of the secrecy that may sometimes be contained within adoption and makes open communication available.

- The adopted adult can easily establish a relationship with his or her birth parents.

- The birth mother may be less likely to change her mind about the adoption because she knows you.

- As time passes, if the birthmother has a change in her health status, she can notify you about conditions that could later affect your child.

- With an on-going relationship and communication about the well-being of the child, the birth parents may experience less guilt about making a decision to place for adoption.


- Some birth families report that having a closed adoption provides a sense of closure and enables them to move on with their life.

- Having a closed adoption creates an opportunity for a stronger sense of privacy for the birth family.

- If the birth families are not involved, the adoptive family is free to have their family time without restraints of visitations and on-going communication.

- There is no danger or risk of birth parent interference or co-parenting concerns.

- A closed adoption protects the adopted child from an unstable or emotionally disturbed birth parent or birth family member.