Lump-Sum Alimony

Lump-sum alimony, also called alimony in gross, refers to a fixed alimony payment that is made regardless of circumstances,and is grounds for ending all other types of alimony.  For example, lump-sum alimony would be paid even if the recipient remarries and even, depending on the specific wording, to the estate of the recipient, if the recipient dies.

Lump-sum alimony may be made instead of a property settlement.  Depending on the exact structuring of the agreement and payment, lump-sum alimony may serve as a tax advantage to the payor by being deductible and income to the recipient. It could be used as a type of reimbursement alimony, to ensure that one spouse is paid back for certain expenditures, regardless of if the recipient remarries, cohabits with someone, or does not otherwise need the alimony for day-to-day support.