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Divorce, legally referred to as the dissolution of marriage, is a court order that terminates a marriage before the death of either spouse. Divorce law and litigation can be quite complex, involving any of the following:

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Marital agreements
  • Custody of children
  • Division of property
  • Child support
  • Alimony

Divorces carry with them the emotional strain of ending a marriage, which makes issues of property division and child custody far more complicated. The laws in each state differ with regard to these marriage and divorce issues, as well as the requirements for granting divorce. An experienced divorce attorney versed in family law will be able to explain the state divorce laws that apply to your situation.

While disagreements between spouses can lead to lengthy and expensive divorce proceedings, most are resolved without a contested trial. Mediation is an attempt to avoid divorce proceedings by working out terms both acceptable and agreeable to both parties. A divorce attorney can also help to facilitate an effective mediation that is beneficial to both divorcing spouses.

Divorce Legal Guide and Information

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Making the Decision
Weighing the possible impact of divorce and exploring alternatives to divorce.
Understanding the Process
 The family court process, key decisions to resolve, alternative dispute resolution, and more.
Property Issues
Division of property and assets, and the impact on spefics like the family home, pensions, and insurance policies.
Parenting After Divorce
Tips for divorcing parents in relation to their children and children's reactions to divorce. 
Spousal Support - Alimony
Types of spousal support, eligibility, and calculating the amount of support.
Divorce and Custody Laws
Divorce and child custody laws in all 50 states.
Child Custody
Your guide to Child Custody, including an overview and definition of Child Custody, a list and explanation of the various types of custody, as well as an explanation of how Child Custody is determined. There is also an overview of Child Visitation laws, problems that may arise during custody, information on parental relocation, and links to state laws concerning Child Custody.
Child Support
Your guide to understanding Child Support laws, including a helpful Glossary of Child Support terms, an overview of recieving, modifying, and enforcing Child Support orders, and a guide to determining which spouse pays Child Support. There is also a reference for dealing with unpaid Child Support and an elucidation of the tax implications of both paying and recieving Child Support. 
Your guide to understanding, obtaining, and maintaining Guardianship of children. This thorough overview also covers special issues of guardianship that deviate from the normal procedure.
International Divorce Law
An overview of the laws concerning international divorce.

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Divorce Official Links

Divorce - Medline Plus
An overview of the divorce process and information on ways to cope with divorce.
Children - Health and Human Services
Resources and contact information relating to child services. 
Children - CEOS
Information on child support enforcement. 
Guardianship Information
Guardianship information including subsidized guardianship and standby guardianship.
Divorce Statistics - CDC
Includes divorce rates by state and annual divorce rate.