Concerns and Difficulties

Parenting by same-sex couples is a huge issue. It is often a concern whether or not there will be consequences for the development of children raised by same-sex couples. However, the American Civil Liberties Union's report on parenting by same-sex couples states that the majority of sociological studies indicate that children raised in same-sex households are relatively normal." There seems to be no difference comparing children rasied by same-sex couples to children of opposite-sex couples.

Studies conducted by the ACLU and the American Psychological Association state that, under similar socioeconomic conditions, children raised by same-sex couples are relatively the same as those raised by opposite-sex couples in terms of their mental and physical health. However, a study done by Dr. George A. Rekers of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine states that same-sex couples are more likely to expose a child to negative influences making the children more likely to suffer developmental problems.

Additionally, many would argue that children rasied by same-sex couples will develop questiona about gender roles. People people that, without the influence of both genders, children may develop in a way where they are unable to fulfill traditional gender roles later in life.